LED Digital Dance floor

LED Digital Dance Floor


ACS RGB LED Dance Floor, LED Digital Dance Floor, DMX LED Dance Floor

Selling Points:  1: Newly products and very Popular in Europe and Americas

 2: Operation by using a wireless remote control software or independent    

     software control, it can achueve diffeent desined effect with audio control 

     and DMX Control

   3: Light weight and easy to set up

 4: Wear-resisting and waterproof


 5: Multi-funtion with different color


 6: Using a high-strength ABS material for the base, tempered glass for the

     panel, the entire light body, super slim sophisticated, high level, beautiful, 


   7: flight case to transport 
Size: 500mmx500mmx66mm/pcs
Loading Capacity: 500KG/pcs
LED Color: RGB
Floor Color: Black
LED Quantity: 192pcs
Material: Stalinite + ABS
Weight: 8.8kg
Control Method:: SD Control or PC Control
Working Life time:  50000hours
IP Rating:  IP65
Certificate: CE
Packing Quantity:  One Flight case can hold 6-10pcs




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